Courage to Change Professional Staff

"We are really impressed with the staff you've assembled here.
We seldom see this kind of quality in any program."
-- Inspector for the State Certifying Agency

The level of care at our facility exceeds state standards of staff-to-patient ratio, permitting us to give individual and personal attention to patients. Staff counselors have achieved Master levels of state "Certified Addiction Counselor" (CAC), cognitive behavior, and pharmacology training and experience. In-service and cross training takes place throughout the year to keep the staff current on the latest therapies and education.

Our Staff's integrity, dedication, and eagerness to work with others trapped in addiction behaviors is heartfelt. The Courage to Change program is non-judgmental, egalitarian, and supportive - showing respect for all who share our path of healing from addictive behaviors.

Addiction Experts

Addiction ExpertsCindy White, MS, HFS, NSCS
Registered Psychotherapist
LENS Foundations, QMAP
Certified Yoga Instructor

Addiction ExpertsJudith Ann Miller, PhD, CAC III
Executive Director
Registered Psychotherapist
Trauma Certified
LENS Adv. Certified, QMAP, EMDR

Addiction ExpertsTaRene Jacobs, MS
Registered Psychotherapist
LENS Advanced Certified, QMAP

Addiction Experts Renee de Alba, MA, CAC III
Clinical Supervisor
Registered Psychotherapist
Trauma Certified
LENS Foundations, EMDR

Addiction ExpertsAndrew Hornbaker, BA, MDiv
Registered Psychotherapist
Licensed Pastoral Counselor

Addiction Experts Leeann Arroyo, BA, CAC I
Sober Living Director
DUI Program Director
Registered Psychotherapist

Addiction ExpertsRoss Hilzer, CAC II
Registered Psychotherapist

Addiction ExpertsCindy Montgomery, CAC II
Cognitive Behavioral Therapist
Pharmacology / Relapse Prevention
Co-occurring Disorders

Addiction ExpertsMonica Hampton
Office Manager
Insurance Coordinator

Addiction ExpertsJen Gardner
Outreach Director
Family Advocate
Helpline:  720.400.8960

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Rehab

Inpatient and Outpatient Services