Addiction Treatment with Neuro-Science

Family and Relationship Repair
Addiction Affects Family Dynamics

Happy Family Relationship

Every Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm is family time at the facility. Residents may invite family and friends to join them for quiet walks, talks, and sometimes, unbridled fun. Family involvement is encouraged since the "family" is a major support system for a successful recovery.

During the ravages of addiction, the family of the addict has made severe sacrifices to survive the disease. Not infrequently, sheer self-preservation has forced family members to cut their ties with their addicted loved one.

Now that the addict is in on the road to recovery all is well and good. But what about the spouse or parent who is still locked into the lifestyle adjustments the disease has demanded? How do they begin their road to recovery?

Many C2C clients have been separated from their children. C2C works with social services and the court system on dependency and neglect cases to facilitate reuniting recovered parents with their children. In 2008, Courage to Change worked with 185 clients whose addiction affected over 500 children.

The Courage to Change staff is dedicated to working with those clients who sincerely want to reunite and repair their family ties.

Conjoint Family Therapy

Family Relationship Repair

Conjoint Family Therapy goes beyond just helping the addict.

The therapy also assists family members in restoring their sense of responsibility, accountability, peace, health, happiness, and trust so that both the addict and their family can take part in a healthy recovery.

Therapy appointments can be scheduled with C2C counselors.