Career Rehabilitation and Enhancement
Professional License Repair Assistance

Most clients arrive at the ranch with their careers in shambles.
Many, who started using very young, never had much by way of "career" to begin with.

The C2C Work Therapy program assists residents in developing simple responsible
"work" behaviors and patterns so they can learn how to make a living.

C2C Work Therapy

The staff at C2C encourages clients to re-evaluate their education and talents, and to envision their potential. In many cases, the staff provides guidance for continuing their education (GED classes are available at a nearby library), or by getting a foothold in society based on their existing job skills. We also assist them in re-writing their resume.

In many cases, once a person has completed the Courage to Change Program, the client emerges with a totally different view of how they want to make a valuable contribution to their family and community.

Whatever alcoholics and addicts have put themselves through in the past, it is evident that they are highly intelligent, and self-motivated. Once they see and understand that they have potential - it becomes easier to move forward on their path to recovery.

Many clients are able to discover their life's purpose during their stay at C2C.


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You Do Not Have Control Over Your Addiction - But You Do Have Control Over Your Recovery

The Courage to Change Addiction Recovery Program provides state of the science recovery techniques that will assist you in finally healing your addiction.

Our holistic approach
to body, mind, and spirit rehabilitation
makes Courage to Change
one of the most innovative and effective recovery programs in the world.

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