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The Courage to Change Ranch is a drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in Colorado Springs, CO, and we understand that wellness of body, mind, and spirit is crucial to sustainable addiction recovery. The Courage to Change program is based on the National Institute on Drug Abuse studies that cite addiction as, "A disease of the brain that can be treated and managed."

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Our revolutionary program is evidence-based... meaning we utilize the results from over a decade of the most advanced addiction rehabilitation research and development. We focus on integrating a holistic experience tailored for the individual, preparing him/her to sustain sobriety and recovery.

The truth is... the body feeds the brain, and the brain guides the body. Your body and brain are not "parts," but rather equally responsible for your health, behavior, and success as a whole person.

Courage to Change is dedicated to providing holistic healing for mature adults abusing alcohol, drugs, and/or prescription medications. We utilize cutting edge modalities that integrate mind, body, and spirit by treating addiction as a brain disease. Specializing in drug-free treatment modalities empowers us to incorporate low energy neurofeedback (LENS), neurotransmitter rebalancing, CBT, motivational therapy, DBT, 12-Step principles, family and relationship therapy, career enhancement, and spiritual/somatic therapies.

The intensive residential program ranges in length from 28 to 365 days and provides a neuro-biological plan, strategically integrated with true Colorado tranquility, lifestyle-changing experiences, life planning skills, and the application of spiritual balance.

"Coming to" from Addiction and Waking up to Recovery

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